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  • Hollard Approved Brokers

    Hollard brokers are professional and experienced to understand your unique insurance coverage needs.

    At Hollard Mozambique we form valued relationships with those professionals who we hand-pick to be our insurance brokers.

    When it comes to understanding your specific insurance coverage requirements and selecting products to suit them, we encourage the appointment of an experienced Hollard insurance broker to manage your portfolios.

    In accordance with the rules on insurance intermediation, as contained in local insurance laws, we can onlyrecognise locally-registered insurance brokers and agents for placement of local insurance business.

    Our panel of Hollard approved insurance brokers and agents are fully equipped to deal with any queriesrelating to Hollard insurance products.

    From the comfort of their offices, our insurance brokers can handle the following processes:

    • Provide quotes, which can be distributed to clients in real time
    • Register and process claims, thus streamlining the entire claims process
    • Directly access claims progress and policy stats
  • Questions to ask your insurance brokers